What is AC?

Artisan Chatter is a monthly Zoom call where we highlight four makers.

Raise your visibility and gain new clients by advertising with The Gift Basket Association. But we're not asking you to do a banner on our site or an article in a newspaper - those old school methods are being replaced by live video allowing you to truly connect with a new audience. Artisan Chatter goes further than even a tradeshow and gives the viewer the ability to have a inside look at your kitchen, manufacturing facility, field, chopping block - wherever you make your products, we want in on the process.

The Process for AC

AC is once a month via Zoom. The participating maker has 10 minutes to make a long lasting impression.

We'll use an interactive video session to "meet you where you are" and hopefully wherever you are is where the magic happens. You'll apply for one of the open spots we have in the 2021 calendar year and if selected, we'll advertise your involvement and you'll be given a 10-minute spot to tell us about your products and company. Q&A is included and the session is recorded.

The Cost is free, kinda.

We'll ask you donate product.

The video is free to everyone in our industry but we will make 50 artisan gift boxes available allowing your new audience to follow along while you speak to the product they are tasting. This escalates their experience and gives them a true tasting event. Our audience will be given instructions on how to contact you to place orders and you'll on our website for that month.

Getting Involved

First, apply for a spot on the 2021 calendar.

We have themes for each month so find the theme that works best for your product and apply for that month. If you're accepted, we'll send you details including when to ship the product to us, tips for creating the perfect interaction and marketing materials so you can share your involvement.
View the Calendar and Apply