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"Debbie is a great communicator. she balances her excellent knowledge of the gift industry with clear graphics and personal tips from her own experience." - Jill Morris, Australia

"For someone who is self-taught, she really has her finger on the pulse of what makes this industry successful. What's more impressive is her generosity with knowledge, information, pitfalls to avoid and her time which she has very little to spare." - Melanie Jones, Texas

"OMG, Debbie Quintana is amazing!!!! I truly cant say enough fantastic things about her!!! She has taken me and my business from broke and struggling to happy, confident and thriving!!! I now find myself giving advice and quoting Debbie Quintana on a regular basis. Thank you so much Debbie Quintana, I would never be where I am without you!" - Angie Trussell, Arizona

"Debbie Quintana provides exceptional training, service and support for entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses to those who have been in business for years. She applies her successful business background experience to assist others in being successful. Debbie genuinely cares and works so hard in pushing and challenging us to be the best that we want to be. Her trainings are excellent- on point, organized, easy to understand and apply. As long as we do the work, we can make our businesses a success. She is in our corner!" - Nelda Jackson, Kentucky

"There are business coaches and then there's Debbie Quintana! She's done the role she coaches, she's succeeded at that role, she researches the industry and industries that affect that role and she clearly communicates the challenges! Her sales/growth tactics are sound b/c she's executed and improved them over time. She teaches strategy and provides goals that she knows can be met. To those who struggle, she helps resolve issues and provides inspiration. I've known her for 4+ years and have used her services at various times throughout. Her most recent class "C3: 20 in 20" is outstanding!" - Tammy Frasier, Arizona

About Debbie Quintana

founder of The Gift Basket Association & Business Coach

A striking quality of Debbie is the sheer number of facets to her career – she strives to challenge herself to the fullest extent and people are taking notice. Awarded for her innovation, leadership and “mover and shaker” attitude in Silicon Valley, Debbie has made an impression on small and medium sized business owners throughout the United States and beyond.

Debbie started her working career in retail, working her way into management almost immediately.  By the time she was 19 years old, she was the manager of a local retail store and the secretary to the President of a large electronics company.  Following those two experiences, Debbie was in the electronics industry managing sales for nearly ten years.  Bored with her job and responsibilities, Debbie left the electronics industry and began her hunt for something challenging – she ended up at Cisco Systems in San Jose, California and took a generous lay off package after 12 years as a global security manager specializing in crisis management, security operations and investigations.

Over the last few decades, Debbie has launched, catapulted and sold several companies including Gourmet Gifts, QT Concepts and The Women's Networking Alliance.  Today, Debbie owns a gift basket drop ship company called Gift Marketing Alliance,  is a full time business coach and just recently, added the title of regional director for The Women's Networking Alliance in the state of Arizona.  

After realizing her sincere passion for helping those in the gift basket industry enjoy the same success she had, Debbie went all in.  Her strategy was simple - what does the gift basket industry need to help them be even more successful than they already are?  Resources, collaboration and personal support.  This started her journey of launching the Gift Basket Association in 2007.  Fast forward to today, and she's written over 6 books, produced a print-gone-digital magazine, hosts the National Gift Basket Convention annually and has launched over 15+ programs all designed to support her passion of helping others.  Her latest project, CURATE (Debbie's biggest hobby) is the first online marketplace for the gift basket industry and is designed to solve the common problems her and her peers have while shopping for unique gift basket supplies.  In June, she'll launch her first gift basket supply distribution company, QTERIE - short for charcuterie (Debbie's second biggest hobby).

Debbie’s culture is one of extreme honesty and genuine support and has been recognized by her peers within Silicon Valley and the gift basket industry.  In May 2008, Debbie was recognized by the reputable Silicon Valley Business Journal in their “40 under 40” program as an up and coming innovator in Silicon Valley.  She was named a woman role model in WE Magazine and has received the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2010 award through the Women's Initiative Organization. In May of 2011, she was named Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.  

Debbie graduated from the UOP with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and has over 25 years of sales, marketing and management experience.  Debbie resides in Peoria, Arizona with her husband Alex.