About Group Coaching


Choose Your Path 2020 is a replacement for the monthly group coaching sessions we’ve done for the last five years. In 2020, we’ve created “paths” that allow you to join a group of other professionals that are in the same place as you. Grow, encourage and work together to get to the next path. Meetings are once a month for 8 months with the final being an in-person meeting at the National Gift Basket Convention. Individual groups will be created for each path allowing you to talk, share and ask questions in between coaching sessions. This service is FREE to GBA members who are gold or platinum and does not replace the regular coaching sessions with Debbie Quintana.

Meeting Dates

Here are the dates for Choose Your Path meetings in 2020. Unless noted differently, all meetings are 9am AZ Time.

Path #1
Path #2
Path #3
1/9 @10am
Final Meeting
at the NGBC
in August

Choose Your Path

(You can only participate in one path)

  • Path #1: Development & Start Up

    You’re in the stages of setting or re-birthing your company. You haven’t started really marketing. You’re looking for advice on how to set up properly and launch for success. You’re typically under a year in business and are still in the development stages of perfecting your marketing plans, product development and streamlining your processes and systems. You might be selling already but you are looking to really excel in sales and program development. You’re working on your individual skills to improve and excel.

  • Path #2: Growth & Establishment

    You’re selling consistently and growing your business carefully in a controlled manner. You are perfecting previous processes and systems, looking for ways to automate as much as you can, delegating to employees and eliminating unnecessary process steps. Time is hard to come by at this stage and work/life balance is very challenging. You are coming to the realization that this is going to be a challenge and new skills and refinements are critical.

  • Path #3: Expansion

    Your business is becoming somewhat routine. Staff is in place and handling the day to day operations allowing you to be more strategic with your time and thoughts. If you do this right, you can continue to see growth. Complacency is not an option here. Your game needs to be on with all operational processes on point. Risk assessment and mitigation is important at this stage as well as the need to challenge yourself. Time is a luxury right now and management of yourself and your personal life is crucial.

Things You Should Know

Sessions are during the week in the morning for 60 minutes via Zoom. Participants are expected to be honest, vulnerable and respectful of others. To protect the privacy of all attendees, meetings are NOT recorded so please only sign up if you can take one hour of every month to dedicate to this process. Sessions start in January and with the final meeting in August at the National Gift Basket Convention.

Things You Should Do

Sign up for the “path” that most resonates with you. Please note you must be a GBA member gold or higher to participate in this process. If you need to upgrade your membership or change levels, please use the button above to change your membership.
Choose Your Path