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Project #1: New Inventory Management System

Problem Statement: Gifting industry has no inventory management system available which leaves us either not managing inventory at all or using an excel spreadsheet.

Description: A new system for managing gifting components and finished goods.

Benefit:  Will allow our industry to work smarter, save money and understand their total asset value.

Status: In process.

Expected Completion: March 2020

Project #2: GEAR (gifting education and resources)

Problem Statement:  There is very little current education available on demand for the gifting industry.  While the convention provides a ton of opportunity to learn, it's a three day event.

Description: A centralized portal for all things related to learning in the gifting industry.  Contributors can offer videos for free or payment. 

Benefit:  On demand, fresh and current education to help you grow your business.

Status: In process.

Expected Completion: March 2020

Project #3: Build a Box coding and program

Problem Statement: While the new Jubilee boxes have been an amazing seller for our industry, there isn't a way to automate the program on our website.

Description: The new "build a box" program will allow our clients to choose the box size, the contents and upload photos/logos for their boxes.  This program also comes with marketing to allow the industry to market it efficiently.  The program is available already programmed as a Gift Marketing Alliance program or you can learn to program it yourself using your components.

Benefits:  Clients can be a part of the gift box creation process.

Status: Near completion.

Expected Completion: January 2020.

Project #4: Gift Marketing Alliance product redesign.

Problem Statement:  None.

Description:  A 50% redesign of all GMA products is being conducted to ensure we stay in trend.  New designs will be photographed and added to all member websites.

Benefits:  Stay up to date with what you offer your clients.

Status: In process.

Expected Completion: February 2020.