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  • How can you participate?

    Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page so we can add you to the list on www.operationgifting.com and send you orders. We ask that you commit to donating 10 care packages from your company to support this program in addition to any orders you fill. We also ask that you are generous with the contents and keep your margins as slim as possible. You can also do this on your own and add the products to your website

  • Effective immediately, we're creating a program that will allow consumers to donate a gift box to their choice of health care person/location.

    These orders will be dispatched to anyone participating in the program to fulfill. Once an order is dispatched, you'll be paid via PayPal the total amount of the order less 7% to cover our credit card fees. You must provide confirmation that the gift has been delivered/shipped so we can communicate with our consumer and refer them to you directly.

  • Grab and Go items we recommend are individual servings of the items below. We recommend including with gourmet items that represent our industry and buying from small business vendors as much as possible to support them.

    Nuts, Dried Fruits and Seeds Chocolate, Cookies & Candy Energy Bars, Granola Salami, Summer Sausage & Beef Sticks Pretzels, Chips, Popcorn Cheese, Crackers Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks, Juice

  • There are three sizes general consumers are able to buy: Small, Medium & Large. It's your job to ensure we send enough product to handle the size of the box/crowd.

    The small box should be set up to feed 8-10 people, medium is for 10-20 and the large is 20-30. This is not the time to go for a triple mark up. Be generous.

  • The content of the boxes should be small sized packages that can be grab and go gifts.

    Instead of putting a large bag of crackers that hands would need to touch, put a small box of crackers that someone can grab and go. Avoid using items that need to be sliced. Our health care workers are "on the go" so snacks should support their work habit.

  • Consumers can purchase through this website on the www.operationgifting.com page or through your website if you add the products.

    To add the three gift boxes to your website, you can download our spreadsheet and upload/add to your website. This allows you to take orders directly and fill those orders. You do not need to involve GBA in any way.

  • Delivery of boxes is up to you.

    You can ship or hand deliver boxes. Please note that many of these areas are very busy so your better bet might be to ship or in some cases drive by with another person that can run it in.

  • To make things as easy as possible, we've created resources for you to copy and use below.

    Please feel free to use these images on your website, social networking or

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