About the CGD Program

Launched in 2010, we've certified hundreds of gifting professionals that deserve to be recognized for their commitment to excellence.

If you're ready to gain your CGD credentials, the next program launches on March 2023. It's a four session training program held once a year live with Debbie Quintana. All sessions are recorded. Session #1: Learn about the gifting business and how it's changed over the last 10 years. Session #2: Design including traditional gift baskets and new modern design theories. Session #3: Setting your business up with the latest tools, supplies and technologies. Session #4: Creating programs and communicating for ultimate success.

The Purpose of the CGD & CGE Program

We didn't create it "just because". We created to help you.

For years, florists, balloon artists and other industry have had credentials.  Credentials that meant they were professionally recognized as achieving the requirements of said program.  In a WAY smaller way, its similar to getting a degree - you went through education, did the work and were recognized with a degree at a ceremony - recognized in front of their family, friends and peers.  It meant that your degree meant something and you were recognized.

It also meant you learned something.  The program was good enough to show you something and you were humble enough to learn.  These same industry programs taught standards that were recommended you embrace and use in your own business.  

Our program is no different.  It's designed to provide you with professional credentials, teach you something and share recommendations that you consider for your business. It's meant to make you better and provide you with a level of pride within the industry by holding those credentials.  It's also a conversation starter - often times our potential clients don't take what we do seriously.  Tell that client that things you're a little crafting business that you hold a professional certification from the industry's association and then smile.

Smile because you've achieved something that will contribute to you personally and professionally.

The Process

1.  Anyone can be certified.  There are no requirements to become certified but in order to receive certification, you have to pass.

2.  Attend a live workshop or enroll in the recorded workshop.

3. Each session has a lecture with a quiz at the end of each lecture.  At the end of the course, there is a practical exam which requires you to demonstrate you are able to curate and sell the design.  This is done directly with your peers or Debbie Quintana (if you are enrolled in the recorded session).

4.  Once you've passed, you'll be issued a badge and certificate digitally.

After Certification

Once you receive your certification, we ask that you consider implementing what you learned into your business.  This isn't just about the credentials, its about becoming a better business owner and designer.